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Adv. Shiri Weiss
Adv. Shiri Weiss
Advocate, Partner

Adv. Weiss, born in Tel Aviv, has had a unique expertise in real estate, wills and inheritances, international agreements, taxation, and companies (emphasizing international transactions) since 2003.

Adv. Weiss is a partner in our firm.

Adv. Weiss has an LL.B. degree from the academic program in the College of Management.

Adv. Weiss joined our firm in January 2006, after an internship in the A. Amir & Co. Law Firm that deals with various fields within business-commercial law, emphasizing, inter alia, company law and real estate law.

Adv. Weiss has been a member of the Bar Association since June 2005.

Adv. Weiss served as an evidence law and criminal procedure teaching assistant for Dr. Guy Rotkopf in the College of Management School of Law and in the Netanya Academic College.

Adv. Weiss has published numerous legal articles in Israel and abroad.

Languages: English and Hebrew

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