Commercial Law

Pick & Weiss has extensive experience in a variety of legal, commercial, and business issues in Israel and abroad.

Our firm accompanies large and small businesses and provides them with comprehensive legal assistance, starting with the decision to make the deal through examining the alternatives and negotiation, including legal accompaniment in the regular course of the company’s business.

Among other things, our firm accompanies Israeli and foreign businessmen in their business activity with banks, companies and other investors, as well as in creating a holdings structure, preparing contracts and agreements, and establishing companies in Israel and abroad, including the following services:

  • Representing investors, companies and funds, including due diligence, counseling on the deal’s structure, preparing the deal documents, and legal assistance in negotiation processes.
  • Counseling and accompaniment for clients in merger & acquisition processes and financing deals, while finding creative solutions fitted for the client’s needs.
  • Counseling and accompaniment in establishing and developing business activities including partnerships and joint ventures.
  • Preparing all kinds of commercial agreements.
  • Counseling and accompaniment for our clients in international commerce deals (including all that concerns export and import).
  • Legal assistance in licensing and franchising processes.
  • Advising and preparing distribution and agency deals
  • Regular counseling for corporations, shareholders and directors in all that concerns the corporation’s regular, daily conduct.

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