High-Tech, Venture Capital

The Pick & Weiss Law Firm is very experienced in representing and accompanying start-up companies, investors, entrepreneurs, ventures, and international companies among active hi-tech companies in Israel.

Among other things, our firm accompanies businesses from the early establishment stages (company foundation, founder agreements, shareholder agreements, employee option agreements, etc.), through  negotiations to a complete sale/acquisition deals, mergers, etc.

Our firm advises, represents, and accompanies start-up companies, investors, entrepreneurs, venture capital funds, and international companies in all related fields to high-tech and start-up companies’ activity, capital raising, option plans, and incentive plans (for employees/office holders and counselors), accompanying investments and investors, as well as merger and acquisition deals.

Our firm accompanies the hi-tech and start-up companies from the beginning stage, the capital raising, and business model formation stages, through company secretariat and ongoing management, capital raising and employee incentivizing, negotiation management committee and entrance into sale/merger agreements (exit).

Our goal is to give our clients all the experience and expertise our firm gathered over the years as a leading firm, along with the individual, personal treatment of a professional, dynamic boutique firm.

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