Mergers and Acquisitions

Pick & Weiss represents buyers, sellers, target companies, hi-tech companies, and finance companies in local and international deals, (in cooperation with world leading investment bankers, lawyers, and accountants). Our firm counsels and accompanies its clients in complicated complex deals, with the aim of maximizing the client’s benefit, while providing creative solutions that may be implemented effectively.

Our firm’s extensive knowledge and experience of law, accounting and taxes, (In Israel and abroad), and our excellent connections with colleagues around the world, allow us to provide effective and creative outside-the-box solutions for buying and merging companies, and board of directors and management members in implementing successful mergers and acquisitions.

As these deals are very complex, our tax consultants in our office will help you with all manners relating to the complicated tax aspects of mergers, acquisitions, company demergers, reverse mergers, and M&As into a, “Stock Exchange Skeleton”, buying activity, buying patents, trademarks, intellectual property, etc.

The knowledge of law, accounting, and taxes our firm accrued allows us to provide our clients with a comprehensive package of services that encompasses all legal aspects of the deal.

Among other things, our firm deals with the following subjects:

  • Legal counseling and assistance in administering the negotiation process and drafting agreements to buy shares, properties (tangible and intangible), merger agreements, demergers agreements, etc.
  • Accompanying and performing due diligence prior to making the deal and giving opinions on the various issues.
  • Legal counseling for the bought/sold company’s board of directors / management.
  • Counseling and accompaniment on options and incentive programs for employees, senior office holders and advisors;
  • Legal assistance and counseling within engagements to obtain credit/financing

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