Oil & Gas

Pick & Weiss Law Firm has a specialized expertise in oil and gas.

The oil and gas field has been gathering momentum in Israel in light of recent gas discoveries around the world, in the Mediterranean Sea, and in the area of the relevant marine tax in Israel. This area and the activity therein is subject to unique tax laws in general, and particularly for taxation in the branch. Our firm partners with several companies that deal with oil and gas in Israel and abroad.

Services Our Firm Provides in the Oil and Gas Area:

– Local and international taxation services

– Working with companies both in Israel and abroad.

– Counseling and accompanying clients when recruiting financial resources

– Tenders/projects including conduct before the authorities, filling in forms and subsequently submitting them

– Assistance and accompaniment with capital raising and investor locating needs

– Help find strategic partners in Israel and abroad

– Company assistance with mergers and acquisitions (M&A), share allocation, share selling, restructuring, and more

Among other things, Pick & Weiss Law Firm provides regular legal counseling, assists in establishing partnerships and other commercial entities, and accompanies various negotiations and deals. Moreover, Pick & Weiss works with tenders in energy, counseling and document filing.

Adv. Lior Pick completed an Oil & Gas Law course at the Institute for Energy Law in Houston, Texas at the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation. In addition, he completed an International Taxation of Oil and Gas course at Shelton’s International Tax Training Institute in Houston, Texas.

Pick & Weiss is proud to present a new undertaking in the area of oil and gas in Israel and Cyprus, in collaboration with leading attorneys in the area of energy from around the world – Levant Energy Legal. See the link to the website: www.levant-legal.com

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