Tax Conference in French Institute of Tel Aviv, 16th of August 2012

Pick & Weiss Legal Offices
06 August, 2012
January 10, 2019

Can Israel be described as a tax paradise?

Obviously this a very interesting question for all French residents living in Israel and for the ones that would like to relocate to Israel.

Lior Pick & Co Law Offices organized about this subject a conference on the 16th of August 2012, in the French Institute of Tel Aviv, issuing all the tax advantages in Israel.

The conference was presented by Ms. Sarah Lastmann, (both in French and Hebrew) from Lior Pick & Co law Offices together with Adv. Lior Pick, founder of Lior Pick & Co.

The conference received a wide range of interest. An estimated 100 people attended the conference in order to become familiar with tax advantages in Israel for new immigrants and/or investors.

Additionally, Lior Pick & Co. organized after the conference an evening cocktail party at the roof of the building of the French Institute, with a marvelous view on The Rothschild Boulevard and Tel Aviv.


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